Ludwig Super-Sensitive: The Eternal Throwoff


Sorry- this book is now out of print and our supply is depleted. The Legendary Supergroup from Cream’s formation in to their breakup in , the book analyzes the group’s working methods and offers detailed descriptions of all their recordings. A special section explores the musical interactions of Clapton, Bruce and Baker, plus key songwriters Bruce and Pete Brown. With rare full-color photos throughout, it also includes a complete discography, studio sessionography, and diary of live shows. Histories of all the cymbal companies as well as cymbal acoustics, selection and testing, setups, cleaning, repair, etc. Updated second edition

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Some were…brace yourself…pro, seamless Phenolic! Some of the shells, oh yeah, were gorgeous! Some of them are not what you think. You were given fair warning. I described my experience acquiring such a drum kit in these pages. The look was interesting, granted, but the metal was soft and prone to crack; the shells were porous second-grade Asian softer-woods, overly flexible, and often untrue or out-of-round.

Innovations in American Snare Drums – ; Part One more by Jayson Dobney Tracing the development of the snare drum in the United States from the rope-tension drums of the Civil War to the separate tension drums used for popular and orchestral music in the twentieth century.

Seattle, Washington, Ships to: I’ve installed it and will include it with this sale, and not increase my original opening bid. Please email if you want pictures. Up for auction is one vintage Slingerland snare drum. Check out the 12 clear close-up super-size pictures to help describe this nice item. It really took a lot of effort to bring this guy back to life but the effort paid off, it looks great!

This green sparkle is a rarer finish as everyone at the time wanted the other color choices. You can see on the inside pictures it is stamp dated but you can only make out the AUG, not the year. It also has the “P” stamp for designating the shell to be wrapped. Still early enough to have chrome over brass rim shot counterhoops, a definite plus!

Image Gallery: slingerland snare

Vintage Drum Guide Search our web sites! Please support this web site project and visit our special links pages for Ebay, Amazon and other music merchants online. Click Here after you are done with your research and if you plan on buying anything on Ebay, Amazon or other select music merchants. Welcome to the History of Slingerland Drums section of the web site.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Wm. F. Ludwig Sr. Autobiographical Notes 1 Early days of the factory Snare drum stands Pedals Snare Drums: Supra-Phonic Acrolite Super dating guide – Slingerland Competitor of Ludwig 17 Bud Slingerland 21,22,

If not, you should be. Rogers began selling drums in , and by the s and 50s, were popular with big band drummers. The company was based in Ohio near key competitors Ludwig and Slingerland in Illinois. What Rogers is probably most famous for was the Dyna-Sonic snare drum. Released in and produced until the company was shuttered , this snare had many of top-of-the-line features including ten lugs, adjustable muffler, chrome over brass shell or wood, but the wood shell models are very rare , and a lever action throw-off.

On most snares, tightening the snares pulls the snare tighter against the bottom head. The Dyna has a snare frame that allows you to tension the snare wires independently. Thus you can have a tight snare sound, yet a fully resonant bottom head.

Dating a Slingerland

Like their less expensive Swingstar counterparts, these drums are made with poplar shells in a wrap finish and feature Accu-Tune bass drum hoops. These drums include Meinl HCS brass cymbals as standard equipment. Silverstar drums feature a more streamlined version of their Star-Cast tom mounts now done in chrome to match the hardware , new “Powercraft II” heads with a white resonant head for the bass drum, low-mass lugs, triple-flanged hoops, and a slideable tom holder, which is usually found on the more expensive Starclassic line.

Superstar Classic — Although originally discontinued, Tama has brought back the Superstar series to their lineup in The original Superstar and Superstar Excel were made up of Birch shells. Currently, the Superstar Classic series is made of all maple shells.

The Premier Royal Ace Snare Drum was the mainstay of the Premier Drum Company for many years. It was offered in many different finishes with the 5 x 14 being the most common. This model is .

It was not uncommon in that era for music retailers, also referred to as jobbers, to carry instruments made by a third party and then brand them with their own name. Dodge Company in , the factory was located a 3 Appleton Street in Boston. In , Nokes expanded and began operating from the address of 5 Appleton Street. Instruments marked with the 5 Appleton Street address must have been produced no earlier than Instruments labeled 5 – 7 Appleton Street are assumed to have been made very late in the company’s existence, likely after but no later than when the company was absorbed into the Liberty Musical Instrument Company of Chicago.

Instruments labeled “Enes J. Nokes while at 44 Sudbury Street circa Nokes would partner with Edward F. Nicolai one year later to succeed the F. Instruments bearing badges and labels with this address most likely date to within that eight year period of time. It was also used on metal shell snare drums and some small ‘traps’ such as wood blocks.

Nokes and Edward F.

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While some drummers prefer a very simple mechanism less stuff to break and go wrong , others like to have all the bells and whistles, the more possible adjustments the better. From to , the Super-Ludwig was the flagship of the Ludwig line and the most expensive model in the catalog. But in , Ludwig added another option to the mix — the Sensitive mechanism. Although it was a neat idea theoretically, there was a design flaw in the Sensitive mechanism that would eventually cause it to be discontinued.

Located underneath the top head inside the drum, the coiled wire snares of the Sensitive mechanism were directly in the line of fire from the deep impact of stick tips hitting the calfskin heads that were the only choice at that time.

The drum has 10 ears. Slingerland: Snare: Morris County Militia: 2: This a 32″x14″ Slingerland rope tension marching bass. The badge has been removed but the drum matches the Slingerland 16″x16″ snare drum, dating this drum to Like the snare drum, it has a three ply shell with inner and out plies of maple and an inner ply of poplar.

Once you get bitten by the vintage drum bug Master-engraver John Aldridge concurs that he has never seen this engraving pattern either so this pattern is now in his engraving photo archives. This drum came to me with all original parts except top and bottom heads and in good but dirty condition. Ah, the marvel of lemon oil!

The shell was very dusty and faded so I hit the shell with some lemon oil and the gold plating brightened up like a champ and the fancy engraving now pops out like it should. The hardware was another story though. The Multi-Model rims, being steel, were rusty in a lot of places so I cleaned the rust as best as I could and shot the rims with some clear lacquer. There is not much more that you can do here aside from a complete stripping, re-plating and re-lacquering. You would think that Leedy would have done a better job of under plating the steel rims before the gold plating was applied to the rims.

Rogers snare drum dating

In addition to its Dyna-Sonic snare drum, Rogers was renowned for its highly-innovative hardware. The Rogers drum badge and Rogers finish pages are also very helpful when dating Rogers Drums. The first kits were manufactured by Peace Drums of Taiwan. The hardware was Rogers but the drum shells were supplied by Ajax from its UK production.

Here is an exerpt from an email exchange I had with another seller of Rogers unused original badges, these were in the D97xxxx range.

Excellent condition Slingerland x 14 snare drum with Like new Evans heads. Checked out by professional Drum shop. Free to make an offer, or ask any questions and thanks for looking.

Although they are old, dating back to the 60s and 70s, Stewart drums are not considered all that valuable as far as “vintage” goes. If you mess up a Stewart drum, you can probably find another one for about twenty bucks. All I started with was the shell, the rims and the lugs. That meant I needed all of the following to successfully pull off this repair job: If I could round up all of these items, I just might be able to get this Stewart back in working order.

The original snare strainer or throw broke and was discarded years ago, which was the reason I stopped using this drum in the s. Music stores in my area didn’t carry such merchandise and I was unwilling to look into how I might go about ordering the various parts I needed. It wasn’t worth the hassle. So I simply gave up, gutted the drum for parts and stored it away.

When my interest in fixing up drums returned many years later, I found I still had this old shell, the rims and the lugs. I decided to give this project a real try, and was determined to have my old blue-sparkle snare back in condition.

Vintage Slingerland Snare Drum

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