The Leading Rock Supplier in the Permian Basin


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7 Rules for Healthy Oilfield Relationships

She was born Nov. They began courting in the fall of and were married on Feb. Jack returned to the oil patch and Ann went to work in for Maud Public Schools where she served as the Schools Dietician until her retirement in

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You love the oilfield…. I prefer to focus on the positives and the things I love. The pros of the oilfield definitely outweigh the cons. But there are some negatives, too. They are the things I usually ignore or try keep in the back of my mind. Nothing is perfect, you just have to make the most out of it. We chose this lifestyle, we can handle it. I hate the danger factor. So many things can go wrong. It is definitely one of the more dangerous careers out there, and that is scary. Either you are labeled as trash, or more commonly up here in AK you are labeled as wealthy.

I am proud to be an oilfield wife, but please get to know me before you make assumptions on what that means. I hate hate hate driving to the airport in bad weather.

Lennox Petroleum to take legal action against OWTU

Visitors can view million years of earth to see what the Denver area once looked like. These clues have revealed that over eons of time, the region has changed dramatically. The Oblong museum, completed in , preserves this little-known exploration heritage.

4 Acknowledgement and Disclaimer for Employee Handbook This is to acknowledge that I understand that I may access Hoss’s Employee Handbook on-line on Hoss’s Employee Web Site, , under the.

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Automatic Job Storm Coming

There are two basic methods of using acids to stimulate production: Fracture acid stimulation Matrix acid stimulation Fracture acid stimulation Fracture acidizing is to pump the acid treatment above the fracturing pressure of the reservoir rock, which create long, open channels from the wellbore penetrating deep into the formation. Fracture acid stimulation is usually carried out on carbonate reservoirs, which have lower permeability than sandstone reservoirs. It can be used to either remove formation damage or stimulate undamaged formations to produce conductive channels within the fracture where oil and gas can migrate.

A problem with fracture acid stimulation is that much of the acid is used up near the wellbore and is not available for etching the fracture faces farther from the wellbore.

Henry was a successful business man, married for 30 years, raised a family and had a good life after his wife’s death, he received an [overnight] package of materials with all kinds of reports, and it was offering an oil and gas investment.

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Truckers Wives Forums and Chat Room Truckers wives are faced with serious challenges with an over the road trucker as a husband. Not only is she left with the responsibilities of the maintaining the business of the home but she has to also raise the children of course if there are children in a world that constantly demands an increase in effectiveness to raise those children successfully. In a good relationship to be the wife of a trucker is tough to put it mildly I am sure.

In a shaky relationship, a trucker’s wife may easily suffer emotionally from lack of attention, lack of appreciation, or lack of support.

Domestic companies use around , barrels of condensate a day, and production of the hydrocarbon in Alberta is surging. Output reached 64, barrels a day last year, the highest in provincial production records dating back to

Recent polls show that several oil field companies are hunting for prime workers. Are you looking for a job as an oilman? Do you want to know the average salaries across a multitude of oil field positions? The oil industry requires a lot of paperwork, which is where hiring a good accountant comes in handy. Your job will be to monitor the drilling fluid, maintain the pumps, guide the drill pipe, remove jams, and perform various lifting, pulling, and pushing pump-related activities. The average salary, according to Indeed.

The driller is typically the head of an individual crew. This is a physically demanding position. The floorhand must be able to lift upwards of lbs, stand for hours, as well as operating the tongs, iron roughneck, tugger, and catwalks.

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Olien Portrait of Luis de Moscoso Alvarado. Illustration, A postcard showing the Corsicana Oilfield. Luis de Moscoso , a survivor of the DeSoto expedition, recorded the first sighting of oil in Texas. After the expedition was forced ashore in the area between Sabine Pass and High Island in July , the explorers observed oil floating on the surface of the water.

Advance your career in Oil and Gas. The right job for you is just a few keystrokes away. Search the RigZone career center and get ahead today.

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However, there is a terrible price to be paid for selling your soul to the office devil:

Average Roughneck And Other Oil Field Salaries

Investment banking is up there. So is specialist surgery. Johnathan Roberts, operations manager of S.

Oct 20,  · So ladies just because your man “doesn’t” work in the oilfield doesn’t secure you from a life of fidelity. Your man can be a damn pastor and still be cheating! City workers are cheating!

Indeed over the years, several scams have been perpetuated on victims all over the world by unsavoury characters purporting to be bona fide staff of the NNPC or contractors to NNPC or purchaser of Nigerian crude oil or contractors to the Nigerian Government. The scam combines the threat of impersonation and fraud with a variation of an advance fee scheme in which a letter, email, or fax is received by the potential victim. The communications emanating from these fraudsters are usually set along the following scenarios: The recipient is offered the “opportunity” to share in a percentage of millions of dollars for assistance in placing large sums of money in overseas bank accounts.

Payment of taxes, bribes to government officials, and legal fees are often described in great detail with the promise that all expenses will be reimbursed as soon as the funds are siphoned out of Nigeria or a bank account of the victim. The recipient is encouraged to send information to the author, such as blank letterhead stationary, bank name and account numbers, and other identifying information using a facsimile number provided in the letter. The recipient is coerced into a scheme that depicts entry into a contract with the NNPC.

These scams which run into millions of dollars and the supporting documents usually appear genuine unless where they are verified by appropriate officers of NNPC or the Government. Authenticate every contract document by conducting a due diiligence and proper verification through NNPC offices in Nigeria and in London. If in doubt about the authenticity of any communication received, visit the Nigerian High Commission or Consulate Office in your country of residence.

Alternatively you may wish to contact the High Commission or Consulate Office of your home country in Nigeria.

Members of the 111th United States Congress

At-will employees rarely receive severance pay upon their termination. They usually have no right to receive it. Unless fired for cause, though, eligible, terminated at-will employees should receive unemployment compensation benefits. Employers can offer a Severance Pay Plan as an employee benefit, but most do not. Employers can voluntarily pay severance to employees, and some used to do it.

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If someone were to ask you why safety is important, how would you respond? You may “know” that it’s important to keep safety in mind as we go about your daily activities, but how would you explain the reasons why this is the case. Here are some things to think about. Why Safety Is Important in the Workplace Companies that employ workers have an interest in keeping the workplace safe. Job-related injuries are something that responsible employers avoid.

They take the time and use company resources to make sure that the people who come to work each day are safe. They may offer on-the-job safety training or have safety procedures included in their company policies. In some workplaces, a person or a group of workers are designated as the company safety team.

Lonely, hard work on oil rigs, but salaries soaring

It seems to be that everyone knows that Russia is a country of rich natural resources, but oil and gas fields are located far away from the populated areas, cites and towns. In order to serve the needs of the oil companies, they need specialists and workforce. As the work in the oil companies is very difficult, the work is organized in shifts – that is alternately rest and work.

Unless he/she has a new job or a new position in their old job this is a huge red flag. If your spouse is suddenly working on projects that take him/her out of town .

But they also beg the question: How can the situation be resolved, and what are the implications for future projects? These are important questions on which there is little informed public discussion. This blog post seeks not to blame or to take sides, but simply to clarify the basic facts around these complex issues. Although we focus on royalties, some of the issues also apply to the distribution of other benefits associated with resource projects.

These studies need to be done before the Development Forum for the project — a convening of all parties who will be affected by the project section The SMLISs are not public documents, but there are various benefit agreements and government decisions dating back to making reference to these SMLISs for the various project license areas having been completed. Landowner determination The Act gives responsibility to the Minister to determine the local beneficiaries of a petroleum project section

How ex oil field employees be like when they see gas prices go up lol

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